About Us

Steven Lloyd


 Steven Lloyd is a real estate investor engaged in the strategic acquisition and development of residential properties located in the United States. As founder and managing partner of Stone Bay Holdings (SBH), Steve is responsible for sourcing investment opportunities, investor relations, and specifically securing capital from private sources.

Steve works closely with our experienced partners to deliver a diversified portfolio of real estate investment opportunities. He has personally vetted all relationships on behalf of the SBH portfolio. Prior to founding SBH, Steve founded and is the managing partner in an integrated real estate development company with multiple capabilities, including general contracting, real estate sourcing, financing, development, leasing, and disposition.

Steve and his partners have created an organization dedicated to adding quality and value to student housing in the communities surrounding Temple University. His company created a portfolio of over 25 properties at a value of over $15 million during an economic downturn. By securing private capital, his company was able to purchase, rehabilitate and rent out the student housing units and then secure bank mortgage financing at more favorable economic terms. This strategy has created passive cash flow for his company while continuing to pay down the principal on mortgage loans and increasing the market values of its real estate. With over 30 years of diverse entrepreneurial experience, Steve’s interest and emphasis has been on the formation and funding of small businesses.

Kerry Faix


Kerry Faix is a founder of Stone Bay Holdings LLC (SBH) and serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Company since 2013. She has extensive experience in business operations, finance and building companies from the ground up. Kerry owns part of a $150 million-dollar real estate portfolio which she oversees the operations. Her most recent accomplishment was partnering in the purchase of a $27.5 million, 558-unit apartment in GA that sold a little over a year later for $41 Million.

As COO, Kerry develops and implements efficient operational systems across the loan acquisition, loan management, investor relations functions and directs personnel. Highly versed in all aspects of real estate, Kerry is also responsible for analyzing all investment opportunities. She performs routine reviews of all joint venture partnerships to ensure that all partners continue to meet the high standards that they had when they began their relationships. Additionally, Kerry oversees the internal accounting team working closely with all external accounting, tax, and legal advisors.

Kerry draws knowledge from over 25 years of entrepreneurial and operations experience. She co-founded construction/remodeling and real estate investment companies before signing on to help build the business end of a real estate development company with assets located around Philadelphia, Northern New Jersey, Baltimore, Cleveland and Florida. Additionally, she held operations positions at PNC Bank and PPR Note Company. Her resume is one of growing and helping businesses and individuals create passive income, which is her true passion.