Mission Objective

Stone Bay Holdings (SBH) was formed to take advantage of dislocations in the real estate marketplace which enable us to provide our clients with a consistent yield income stream, paid monthly, collateralized by real assets. Our background in direct lending, accounting, property management and construction enables us to create portfolios of underappreciated real estate assets, especially value added projects, creating opportunity for sophisticated, disciplined lenders such as SBH.  


We have long standing strategic relationships with our partners which enable us to invest in a variety of real estate and mortgage notes in undervalued commercial real estate. These assets will include residential liens and properties, apartments, mobile home parks and smaller commercial real estate properties. SBH also extends short term loans, usually in first lien position, to other real estate firms to enable them to purchase and rehabilitate real estate properties. We also purchase performing and re-performing residential notes at a discount with the purpose of holding these notes to collect payments due. The end result is our clients gain access to well-diversified real estate portfolios. Our background, together with the relationships we have with our strategic partners, allows SBH to find advantageous lending opportunities in equity-rich, realistically priced residential, commercial, and investment properties for qualified borrowers. As a result, Stone Bay is able to provide our investors with stable, consistent returns on loans that have very attractive loan-to-value ratios, which translate to lower risk.   

Our Approach

  • Utilize Three distinct investment strategies as well as sub-strategies  
  • Form strategic partnerships/investments with managers  
  • Opportunistically shift between strategies   
  • Avoid reliance on any single strategy  
  • Ensure that loan to value is 70% or less  
  • Identify borrowers' exit strategy (payback plan)  
  • Assessment and review of property  
  • Property, company and personal guarantees